Session 3, February 5, 2024

Mayor Justin Cline called the 3rd Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, February 5, 2024.  Mayor Cline began the meeting by asking Councilman Josh Smith to say a prayer, then lead attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.  This public meeting is being recorded.  Members answering roll call were Carla Carl, Joe Kammer, Abigail Caldwell, Daniel Rouse, President Pro Temp Molly Lehman and Joshua Smith.  Also attending the meeting were Fiscal Officer Kim Meek-Obed, Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, resident Chauni Skirtich and area residents Jeffrey Yekel, Linda Keeling, Barb Silvestri and village employee Blake Dibell.  Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren was absent.


 Linda Keeling, Barb Silvestri and Jeffrey Yekel, residents in Navarre Village 55+ Community wanted to speak to council to make them aware of what the company that is the owner of the Community is doing in raising the lot rental fees to amounts that are difficult for a lot of residents to pay.  They asked council to consider contacting State Representatives to express concerns over the practices of the owning company, Legacy Communities. 

 Ms. Lehman made the motion to approve the minutes of the second session of council on January 22, 2024 and Mr. Smith seconded. Rouse yes, Caldwell yes, Kammer yes, Carl yes, Smith yes, Lehman yes. Six yes votes.  Motion carried.  Minutes approved.


 Fiscal Officer Kim Meek-Obed reported that she is working with the software company to get 2023 Financial Reports prepared after they were able to plug in the 2022 numbers that we got from the State Auditors.

 Ms. Meek-Obed also reported that she is going to order new business cards for the new or newer council people, the new zoning inspector and the mayor.  She will need information for each of them updated.


 Motion by Mr. Smith to approve Resolution 2024-1, after three readings, a resolution declaring intent and authorizing the sale of municipally owned property, seconded by Ms. Carl.  Kammer yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Carl yes, Caldwell yes, Lehman yes.  Six yes votes.  Resolution passed.

 Motion by Mr. Smith to approve Resolution 2024-3, a resolution ratifying a police department transaction to purchase an SRU vehicle from the Perry Twp police department that was approved at the previous meeting and Mr. Kammer seconded.  Caldwell yes, Lehman yes, Carl yes, Kammer yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes.  Six yes votes. Resolution passed.

 Motion by Mr. Smith to approve Resolution 2024-4, a resolution authorizing the village to join the Community Education Purchasing Council of Governments and second by Ms. Lehman to pass this by emergency. Smith yes, Kammer yes, Lehman yes, Carl yes, Caldwell yes, Rouse yes.  Six yes votes.  Resolution passed.


 Mr. Seeberger mentioned that he is still waiting for the plans and specifications for the Fohl/Sterilite intersection project.  He might let the Dept of Development know that we might need to file for an extension.

He stated we are hoping to bid that out by the end of 2024.

 Mr. Seeberger reported that Mr. Wisselgren had gotten another quote from Vasco for the walking path at the YMCA.  The new quote is actually a little bit more than the previous one had been.  He stated that the Village Administrator actually has the authority to approve a contract up to $75,000.00.  There was some discussion about whether to get more quotes or if we want to go with the quote from Vasco. 

 Mr. Smith made a motion to move forward with Vasco for the walking path at the YMCA and Ms. Lehman seconded. Caldwell yes, Rouse yes, Lehman yes, Smith yes, Carl yes, Kammer yes.  Six yes votes. Motion passed.


 Mayor Cline presented a letter of resignation from Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren that council needs to accept.  The resignation is effective Friday February 8, 2024.

 Ms. Lehman made a motion to accept the resignation of Zachary Wisselgren as Village Administrator and Water Superintendent and Mr. Kammer seconded.  Lehman yes, Kammer yes, Smith yes, Carl yes, Caldwell yes, Rouse yes.  Motion passed.

 Mayor Cline stated that he would like a meeting scheduled with the Safety Committee to discuss the staggered traffic lights.


 Ms. Carl reported that she went to a Park Board meeting and they are putting an art installation of a canal boat at the park that is being done by one of the classrooms at the school on May 3rd. She also reported that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt on March 30th and the Park Board is asking for the village and the township each to contribute $600.00 for the egg hunt.

 Motion by Mr. Smith to donate $600.00 to the Park Board to help with the Easter Egg Hunt and Ms. Carl seconded.  Carl yes, Smith yes, Lehman yes, Rouse yes, Caldwell yes, Kammer yes.  Six yes votes. Motion passed.

 The Park Board is also having a golf scramble on October 6th at Spring Valley.

 Mr. Kammer reported that he went to a VONBA meeting (they are still calling it VONBA until they come up with a different name).  They are going to be meeting again on February 22nd at Healing Tree Crystals on Main Street at 6:00 pm.

 Ms. Lehman stated that there will be a Council of the Whole meeting immediately following the council meeting tonight to go over the goals of the committees for the year.  She also reported that she received an email from the Stark County Commissioners regarding a 9-1-1 review committee.  They are asking the village to approve the appointment of Mark Cozy to this committee.

 Ms. Lehman motioned to propose a resolution accepting Mark Cozy as the appointment to the 9-1-1 review committee as an emergency due to the state mandated deadline, Ms. Carl seconded.  Lehman yes, Carl yes, Caldwell yes, Kammer yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes.  Six yes votes.  Motion passed.  Mr. Seeberger will prepare a ratifying resolution for the next meeting.

 Ms. Lehman also reported that the Stark Economic Development Board is having a Stark County Housing Study done and have invited area elected officials to attend a focus group. 

She is intending to attend the meeting on February 20th at 2:30 pm at the Stark County Development Board office in Canton.

 There will be a Coffee with Council on April 20th 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. at Kremeland.

 The kiosk at the water department has not been moved yet.  Kim said she will contact Dirty Hands to find out when it is going to be done.

 Mr. Smith reported that there was a Finance Committee meeting tonight prior to the council meeting to talk about some of our numbers.


 Mr. Kammer made a motion to pay the Bills & Claims.  Mr. Smith seconded.  Caldwell yes, Carl yes, Lehman yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Kammer yes.  Six yes votes.  Motion passed.

 Mr. Kammer moved to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Lehman seconded.   Rouse yes, Caldwell yes, Carl yes, Smith yes, Lehman yes, Kammer yes.   Six yes votes.   Meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm.

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Kim L. Meek-Obed, Fiscal Officer                             Justin G. Cline, Mayor