Session 8, May 15, 2017
Mayor Robert Benson called the 8th Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, May 15, 2017.  Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members answering roll call were Derek Netzly, Daniel Rouse, Robin Keith, Gary Wilson and Pat Winkhart.  Ray Gallaher was excused from the meeting.  Also attending the meeting were Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Village Administrator Jeff Seward, Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Ashley Winterer of the Stark County Health Department, YMCA Board Members Glen Erich and Kathy Shultz, CEO Jim Stanford and Independent Reporter Mindy Lenigan.  Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 7th Regular Session of Council held on May 1, 2017.  Ms. Winkhart seconded.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Winkhart yes.  Five yes votes.  Minutes approved.


Ashley Winterer of Stark County Health Department distributed information about nursing services they provide.
YMCA Board Member Kathy Shultz and CEO Jim Stanford discussed a request from the YMCA for using the Towpath Trail YMCA as collateral for refinancing of construction costs incurred in the pool expansion.  The lien is currently on the Massillon YMCA.  The Solicitor will work with them to obtain adequate documents to make sure the Village is protected, since the YMCA is on Village owned property.


Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson gave council a copy of today’s check register, and spoke of Resolution 2017-9, a resolution to make disbursement to Stark Board of Trade.  Jeff Seward detailed work that was done, which included tree removal, land clearing and inspection.


Mayor Robert Benson informed Council that Father Mike Seifert has agreed to be a guest speaker for Navarre Memorial Day observance.

Mayor Benson advised that Navarre Bethlehem Historical Society is interested in transferring parcel #1200306 to Navarre, and he discussed purchasing parcel #1200306 from the Navarre Bethlehem Historical Society for $2000.  Mr. Netzly motioned and Ms. Keith seconded to purchase the parcel.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Winkhart yes.  Five yes votes.  Council mentioned that this would be a good location for a Veteran’s Memorial.

Mayor Benson reported that Officer Matt Amandla successfully completed the advanced training course for Traffic Collision Investigation level 1.

Mayor Benson spoke about Resolutions 2017-6 and 2017 -7 which were both passed on April 17th and mistakenly placed on May 1st agenda.  He advised we will show them both passed on original date of April 17th.  The zoning ordinance that council took no action on at the May 1st meeting was shown as Ordinance 13-2017, however, it should have been shown as Ordinance 11-2017.


The yard waste pit at the Waste Water Treatment Plant is open M-F 7am to 3pm, weekends and holidays 8:30 to 11am.

Brush pick-up will continue through September on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.  Yard waste and bushes should be taken to the dumpster at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Several catch basins were repaired with more on the schedule and the hitching post behind the Police Department was moved.  Landscaping was done at Underwood Park and the bicycle mound on Route 62 was finished.  

The second street sweep of the year will be Wednesday, May 24th in the early morning hours.   This will be downtown only.  Residents are asked to park off the street the night before.  No Parking signs will be placed on the parade route.


Blower #1 at the Waste Water Treatment Plant is fixed.  Landscaping of bushes and flowerbeds is still underway.

Village employees will work on widening the YMCA entrance this week so it’s done before the Market St. paving project begins (preliminary plans were reviewed, final plans and an estimate are expected in about a week).

A lost water ratio is being compiled for the USDA.

Water Plant Expansion Project:  Delivery timing and pricing issues were worked out on the pressure filters for the Water Treatment Plant.  Fabrication of the new water tower began last week.


The street analysis was completed last week and the Administrator is meeting to go over it this week.

The next monthly department head meeting with the mayor will be 6/7/17 at 9:30.

Mr. Netzly would like to recognize Officer Amendola for his nice presentation at the Crime Watch Meeting.  The next meeting will be June 6 at 7:00 pm at the Civic Center.

A reminder to residents, solicitors need a permit, if they don’t have one, call the police.

Memorial Day Parade is Monday, May 29th at 1:00 pm.

Mr. Rouse advised that residents are asking if the water rates are going up.  The Village will be looking into operating costs of the new plant.

Be cautious during garage sales.

Ms. Keith reported that bushes need trimmed on Sisterhen, by the stop sign.

Mr. Wilson reported that Underwood Park looks great.  Mr. Wilson motioned, Mr. Netzly seconded to allocate $2500 for new park equipment.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Winkhart yes.  Five yes votes.

Mr. Wilson questioned if there is a finish date for the water project?  His concern is for the people that need to have plumbing updated.  Tentative completion is set for spring 2018.

Ms. Winkhart mentioned that there is a bike decorating contest at noon at the Civic Center on Memorial Day.

Bills and Claims

Ms. Keith moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $460,839.30, Mr. Rouse seconded.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Winkhart yes.  Five yes votes.  Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Netzly moved to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Rouse seconded.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Winkhart yes.  Five yes votes.  Meeting adjourned.

___________________________                                   __________________________  

Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer                                   Robert L. Benson, Mayor



June 5 ……………………………………...………………..Council Meeting at 7:00 pm

June 6 ……………………………................................Crime Watch Meeting at 7:00 pm