Session 23, December 4, 2023
Mayor Robert Benson called the 23rd Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, December 4, 2023. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. This public meeting is being recorded. Members answering roll call were Carla Carl, Joe Kammer, Justin Cline, Daniel Rouse, Molly Lehman and Josh Smith. Also attending the meeting were Fiscal Officer Kim Meek-Obed, Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, resident Chauni Skirtich, Mayor Bob’s grandson Joey and his friend Trudy, Debbie Lehman and several members of the Navarre Police Department.

Mr. Smith made the motion to approve the minutes of the November 20, 2023 meeting and Mr. Kammer seconded. Smith yes, Lehman yes, Rouse yes, Cline yes, Kammer yes, Carl yes, Six yes votes. Motion carried. Minutes approved.


Police Chief reported that he gave council members the month end report and that the speed signs have been put up and he took the training on how to retrieve data from the signs. Chief Shetler also presented two officers that he would like to be appointed as officers for the village. One is Connor Bailey who will be part-time auxiliary and the other is James West who will be a full-time officer.

Mayor Benson appointed Connor Bailey to the Navarre Police Auxiliary and asked for council approval. Carl yes, Cline yes, Lehman yes, Kammer yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes. All approved and Mayor Benson swore in Connor Bailey as an auxiliary police officer.

Mayor Benson appointed James West to the Navarre Police Department and asked for council approval. Smith yes, Lehman yes, Rouse yes, Cline yes, Kammer yes and Carl yes. All approved and Mayor Benson swore in James West as a full-time police officer.


Debbie Lehman wanted to make some comments about the hunting variance on the Blough Avenue Kirby property, saying that she is concerned about future gun activity on that property. She relayed a couple of stories about gun activity in that area and asked that council take into consideration the issues that may happen if hunting is allowed on that property.


Fiscal Officer Kim Meek-Obed reported that she has not yet received any information back from the State Auditor’s office regarding the reconciliation numbers.


Resolution 2023-37 was presented for third reading and passage. This is a resolution increasing the Water Reconnection fees when water has been shut off for lack of payment. Ms. Lehman motioned to approve Resolution 2023-37 and Ms. Carl seconded. Kammer yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Lehman yes, Smith yes, Carl yes. Six yes votes. Resolution passed.

Ordinance 17-2023 presented for second reading. Solicitor Seeberger explained that there was discussion prior to the annexation that the Kirbys requested to be allowed to hunt on that property after the annexation and that was approved by council at that time. There was much discussion on this and it was decided to table this at this time. Ms. Lehman made a motion to table this Ordinance and Mr. Rouse seconded. Cline yes, Carl yes, Lehman yes, Rouse yes, Kammer yes, Smith yes. Six yes votes. Tabled.
Solicitor Seeberger presented 2 versions of Ordinance 18-2023, which is an ordinance to award a contract for the 2024 street paving project. One ordinance was to award the contract which included Tuscarawas St. to Barbicas and one is without Tuscarawas St to Karvo Companies. It was discussed that council has 60 days to make this decision and award the contract. No action was taken at this time.


Mr. Seeberger reported on the Sterilite/Fohl St. project that he has been in contact with the Stark County Auditor, Commissioners and Stark Board of Trade.


Mayor Benson reported that Mr. Cline will either need to replace him or appoint a council person to replace him on the Navarre-Bethlehem Twp. Joint Fire District Board of Trustees.

Mayor Benson reported that the mobile response vehicle that was discussed to purchase from Perry Police may be sold to another agency if we don’t purchase it. There was discussion about this it was decided that we are not going to purchase it at this time but would consider purchasing it in 2024 when our financial numbers are figured out. We could send a letter of intent to purchase the vehicle in 2024 and if Perry decides to sell it to another agency before we purchase it, they are free to do so. Mr. Smith made a motion to send a letter of intent to purchase the vehicle sometime in 2024 at a cost of $7,500.00 and Mr. Kammer seconded. Rouse yes, Cline yes, Kammer yes, Carl yes, Smith yes, Lehman no. Five yes votes. Motion carried.


Mr. Wisselgren was absent from this meeting but he had submitted quotes from two I.T. providers that he and Ms. Meek-Obed met with. Council asked if there were any recommendations. Ms. Meek-Obed stated that she had not had any conversations with Mr. Wisselgren, so she wasn’t sure what the recommendation would be. There was some discussion about this and it was decided that the Utilities Committee would meet with Mr. Wisselgren and Ms. Meek-Obed to make a decision.


Justin Cline reported that there are people complaining about speeding on Tuscarawas St. and he told the police chief.

Daniel Rouse reported that the railroad tracks on West Canal Street are rough and we need to contact the railroad. This will be relayed to Mr. Wisselgren. He also told the police chief that there is a problem at the bakery with people parking on the sidewalks.

Molly Lehman reported that there was a Historical Society meeting and they are looking at having a township trustee and a village council person to be on the board of the historical society and forming a cooperative with costs being shared so that a person could possibly be hired as an administrator of the Historical Society. There is coffee with council on January 20, 2024 at Rise Up Café from 9:00 -11:00 am.

Mr. Smith reported that there is a council of the whole meeting on the 18th to interview the candidates for the vacant council seat. There are two people that have expressed interest and they will be interviewed at 6:15 & 6:30.
The safety committee will meet in January. The utilities committee is to meet before the next meeting.
The dinner party for council to celebrate Mayor Benson’s retirement is Friday, December 15th at Smitty’s in Massillon.


Mr. Kammer moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $66,324.77. Mr. Cline seconded. Smith yes, Rouse yes, Kammer yes, Carl yes, Lehman yes, Cline yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried.

Mr. Kammer moved to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Lehman seconded. Cline yes, Carl yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Lehman yes, Kammer yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm.

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Kim L. Meek-Obed, Fiscal Officer Robert L. Benson, Mayo