Session 12, June 17, 2019
Mayor Robert Benson called the 12th Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, June 17, 2019. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members answering roll call were Pat Winkhart, Don Berkey, Robin Keith, Daniel Rouse and Derek Netzly. Also attending the meeting were Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren, Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Navarre Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Chief Rick Annen, Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Lieutenant Shyloah Rogers, Navarre Zoning Inspector Jim Neely and Independent Reporter Eric Poston.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 11th Regular Session of Council held on June 3, 2019. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Winkhart yes, Berkey yes, Keith abstained, Rouse yes, Netzly yes. Four yes votes. Minutes approved.

Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Chief Rick Annen reviewed the monthly report with Council and reported that the department is working with Dominion Gas on a leaking pipe line in Bethlehem Township.

Chief Rick Annen reviewed the Water Contingency Plan and advised it works well with the Fire Department.

Chief Rick Annen reported that brush is to be removed from around the new building and then it will be landscaped. The electric inspection has been completed and the plumbing inspection is to follow.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson gave council the bills and claims.

Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger reported that a check was received from AT&T in the amount of $10,000.00.

Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren reported the first mosquito spraying in the Village is scheduled for June 4, weather permitting.

The next street sweep of the year will be Wednesday, June 26th in the early morning hours. Residents are asked to park off the street the night before.

Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren reported that water meters will be read this week and that there is a water leak on Sprankle Street.

Talks of upgrades need to begin with Don Dummermuth regarding the additional capacity that will be necessary at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in the future.

Administrator Zachary Wisselgren reported that a new door was installed at the Civic Center.

The yard waste pit at the Waste Water Treatment Plant is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 3pm, weekends and holidays from 8:30 am to 11am.

Ms. Winkhart said the police conducted themselves very professionally at the Saint Clements Festival.

Mr. Berkey reported that the water fountain at the Civic Center is not working properly.

Mr. Rouse said there are some boards loose that go over the windows in the closed pavilion at Navarre-Bethlehem Park.

Ms. Keith complained about the condition of her neighbor’s property and other properties within the Village. She finds it very frustrating that the Property Maintenance Code is not being followed. Ms. Keith also stated that the Village trucks need to be marked. She also commented that it should not take two employees to pick up trash. Also, she advised the street poles within the Village need to be painted. She stated that residents are still mowing grass into the streets and reported that she is very upset that Randy Hattery resigned. Ms. Keith feels there is more to his resignation than everyone wants to admit. Mayor Benson noted this was the third time Mr. Hattery requested to resign from Council.

Ms. Keith questioned why the ordinances that are being passed are not being enforced.

Attorney Terry Seeberger reported that Jim Neely has issued countless notices and that the Massillon Prosecutor’s Office gave Mr. Neely a checklist of what is needed. Attorney Seeberger advised he will work with Mr. Neely on one or two of the worst offenders and he suggested having the police issue citations, and then he and Mr. Neely will proceed with the prosecutor’s office to file charges on same.

Mr. Netzly reported that applications are being accepted until Friday at 4:00 pm to fill the Council vacancy. There will be a Council of the Whole Meeting on Monday, June 24, 2019 at 6:00 pm to review the candidates. The new Council Member will be appointed on July 1, 2019, at the Council Meeting.

Ms. Keith moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $53,433.97. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Winkhart yes, Berkey yes, Keith yes, Rouse yes, Netzly yes. Five yes votes. Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Berkey moved. Ms. Keith seconded to adjourn the meeting. Winkhart yes, Berkey yes, Keith yes, Netzly yes. Five yes votes. Meeting adjourned.

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Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Robert L. Benson, Mayor

June 24………………………………………….Council of the Whole Meeting 6:00 pm
July 1...………………………………………………………...Council Meeting 7:00 pm