Mayor Elect Justin Cline


My name is Justin Cline, and I’ve been elected Mayor of the Village of Navarre.

I will begin my term as of January 1, 2024

I attended Navarre Elementary, I graduated Fairless High School (Class of 03), and I graduated Kent State with a Bachelor’s degree.

I have worked as an educator at Fairless High School for the past 14 years, where I work with students with multiple disabilities. I have also coached softball for Fairless for 14 years, I have been the Lights and Sound Technician for Falcon Playhouse for the past 10 years, and I recently took over the Boys Golf program.

For the past few years, I have worked as a Councilman in the Village of Navarre. It has provided many opportunities to interact with people inside of the village, as well as opportunities to work with people in Bethlehem Township, where I am a member of the Bethlehem Township Parks Department. As the chairman of the Navarre Parks Department, I have worked hard to maintain and grow the parks within our village, and I have big plans for future growth.

Working as a Councilman, I have built working relationships with everyone from our Village Administrator to our Fiscal Officer to our Solicitor to all of the members of council. In the past four years, I have also helped to appoint four new council members, three of whom still reside on our council.

As a member of the Navarre VFW Post 5047, I volunteer there several times per month. I have committed untold hours to doing labor in the parks within our village, including everything from shoveling mulch to planning easter egg hunts. I have also planned and executed our Memorial Day parade and ceremony for the past two years. Recently, I have volunteered to organize Navarre’s Christmas in Bethlehem.

My goals for a mayoral run consist of issues like revitalizing both Rochester Square and Main St. I will push to make the area more beautiful in order to attract new businesses, as well as to attract new consumers to our village. We will install new attractions in Underwood Park, including a Pickleball court and a Gaga Ball pit. We will also install more signage around the Towpath, informing bikers, hikers, and kayakers of various attractions within the village. We have also been in talks of planting a community garden. We will also be planning new community events in order to bring people together in Navarre. I will also push for stricter enforcement of heavy trucks traveling non-truck routes in town.