Session 9, May 18, 2020
Mayor Benson called the 9th Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, May 18, 2020 by Virtual Zoom due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members answering roll call were Pat Winkhart, Justin Cline (virtually), Liz Urbach (virtually), Daniel Rouse, Joshua Smith (virtually) and President Pro Temp Derek Netzly (virtually). Also present at the meeting were the Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Bob DeHoff and John Walsh of Stark Board of Trade. Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren, Police Chief Dennis Albaugh and Hills and Dales Mayor Mark Samolczyk attended the meeting virtually.

Mayor Benson said reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting unless such reading shall be dispensed with by consent of two-thirds of members. Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 8th Regular Session of Council held on May 4, 2020. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Winkhart yes, Cline yes, Urbach yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Minutes approved.

Prior to the Council Meeting, Police Chief Dennis Albaugh distributed by email the monthly report to Council for review. Chief Albaugh reported that calls are down and the department is practicing social distancing.

Prior to the Council Meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson prepared and distributed by email, copies of the bills and claims and the check register for Councils review.

Attorney Terry Seeberger spoke to Council about the pending proposed ordinance 8-2020. He advised a Planning Commission Meeting is scheduled for May 28, 2020 and a public hearing will be held on June 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Bob DeHoff said he is working with a company that is planning to build a large distribution building with the ability to expand. He said they would like the ability to construct a building sixty feet tall, therefore, a variance would be needed and also a large landscape earth barrier would be created for the residents of the Shadow Lawn Allotment. At that time, Engineer John Walsh distributed a map showing the proposed building site.

Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger reported he checked other communities in the area for industrial buildings near residential areas. He said this would be the largest set back in Stark County.

Council agreed to have Attorney Terry Seeberger update the Zoning Ordinance to increase the fine for Zoning Violations.

Mayor Benson stated he spoke to the County about the Tornado Siren and they advised that most communities no longer use such sirens. He suggested we could offer residents weather radios.

Ordinance 9-2020, an ordinance enacting section 10.19 of the Navarre Codified Municipal Regulations was given a second reading by title only.

Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren said the next Street Sweeping is scheduled for May 20, 2020. He reported there was a water leak last week on Sprankle Street. He advised new water service was installed at the newly constructed home on Jacob Street. He said the CCR Reports are being printed and that they are due to be out by July 1, 2020. Lastly, he reported the engineer is working on plans for paving.

Ms. Winkhart said a lot of residents rely on the Tornado Siren. She questioned when hydrants in the Village will be flushed. Administrator Zachary Wisselgren responded that hydrants will not be flushed while work is being done on the sewer lines. Ms. Winkhart asked if the owner of the property on Market Street where the tree is leaning was sent a letter. In response, Mayor Benson said he will contact Property Maintenance Officer Jim Neely. Ms. Winkhart advised she is in favor of a dog poop ordinance for the Village. Lastly, Ms. Winkhart reported the St. Clements Festival is canceled, but advised they will hold a Sausage Sandwich Sale later in June.

Ms. Urbach advised construction is set to begin June 1, 2020 at Navarre-Bethlehem Park for new park equipment. She questioned who would enforce a dog poop ordinance?

Mr. Smith stated he would also be in favor of a dog poop ordinance. He asked if we could do something for the Fourth of July since the Memorial Day Services have been canceled.

Attorney Terry Seeberger said he would draft a dog poop ordinance.

Mr. Netzly reported that he would not be in favor of a dog poop ordinance, advising this would be a civil matter.

Ms. Urbach moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $223,807.99. Mr. Netzly seconded. Winkhart yes, Cline yes, Urbach yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Netzly moved. Ms. Urbach seconded to adjourn the meeting. Winkhart yes, Cline yes, Urbach yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned.

____________________________ ____________________________
Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Robert L. Benson, Mayor

June 1 ……………………………………………………Public Hearing re. Ord. 8-2020
June 1 ...….....……………………………………………..…...Council Meeting 7:00 pm