Session 18, October 18, 2021
Mayor Benson called the 18th Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, October 18, 2021. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. This public meeting is being recorded. Members answering roll call were Pat Winkhart, Joe Kammer, Justin Cline, Daniel Rouse arrived at 7:05, Josh Smith and Derek Netzly. Also attending the meeting were Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren, Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Acting Interim Chief Chad Shetler and Sergeant Matt Amendola.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 17th Session of Council held on October 4, 2021. Mr. Cline seconded. Winkhart yes, Kammer yes, Cline yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Five yes votes. Minutes approved.

Acting Interim Chief Chad Shetler distributed the monthly police report to Council. He reported an active arson in the Village. There is an ongoing investigation into the fire on Ohio Street. The department has been in contact with police academies to get some cadets interested in the department. Landscaping at the station is complete.

Christmas in the Village parade will be Saturday, November 13 at 10:00 am. Erie Valley Fire and Rescue will be helping along the parade route. Chief Shetler reported he has been working with the Ohio Collaborative to get the police department in state standard compliance, which is necessary to receive grant money. The new cruiser is still not complete, waiting on parts to arrive. Chief Chad Shetler stated Stark County Sheriff’s Office is requiring all departments switch to the Marc’s Radio System for 2022. A quote has been obtained from Staley Technology in the amount of $1878.75 to have the radios updated.

Police have received more public records requests for body camera footage in the last month than what they received in the past five years combined. There are many limitations on what footage is allowed to be released. Watchguard has video software for redaction, storage and retention. All interactions must be retained for thirty days. A grant was applied for through the state for $38,608.00. If said grant is not received, a minimum of $26,645.00 is needed for installation of the program and server.

The 2009 Charge is being disassembled. The Police truck can’t be used as a patrol car, as it does not have a light bar, radar or camera. They are looking to purchase another police car for 2022 at a cost of $37,607.00 plus $25,000.00 for equipment.

Police are unable to access older call records, as the state run system has lost all records prior to 2019. They have been through six different software systems for recording, call records, accidents, evidence room management and citations. TAC Reporting has a reporting system that is used by most of Northern Ohio. With the system, the Village would own the server and control the access to the information, for a total one-time cost of $33,109.00. Mayor Benson asked about the police truck and was advised the department is getting what they need to get the truck ready to be used for patrol.

Mr. Netzly requested a Finance Committee Meeting for November 1, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Mr. Smith motioned to move forward with the MARCS Radio System and Mr. Kammer seconded. Winkhart yes, Kammer yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson distributed to Council a copy of today’s check register and the bills and claims.

Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger reported the FirstEnergy newsletter addressed to the Mayor will in no way effect the contract for the aggregation program.

Mayor Benson distributed to Council a copy of the resignation letter submitted by Police Chief Dennis Albaugh II. Mr. Netzly moved to accept the resignation of Chief Albaugh and Ms. Winkhart seconded. Winkhart yes, Kammer yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried.

Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren reported the paving company is hydro-seeding the sides of the roads that were just paved. He said the Street Committee met to discuss which roads will be paved next year.

Mr. Wisselgren advised he will be contacting Stark County with regards to the need for a speed sign on Fohl Street to slow traffic down. He said there was a discussion about creating a truck route on Market Street. Mr. Wisselgren reported leaf pick-up has started in the Village and that foundations are complete at the cemetery.

Resolution 2021-13, a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authoring the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor. Mr. Netzly offered and moved to accept Resolution 2021-13. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Winkhart yes, Kammer yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Resolution 2021-13 accepted.

The yard waste pit at the Waste Water Treatment Plant is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 3pm, weekends and holidays from 8:30 am to 11 am.

Ms. Winkhart questioned if a letter has been sent to the owner of 100 Canal Street East. Mayor Benson advised he is looking into the ordinance regarding disconnected trailers. Ms. Winkhart asked that Council receive copies of the letters being mailed out regarding zoning issues. She also asked if the Village has paid the bill for the new sign for Market Street Park? Ms. Johnson stated no invoice has been received.

Ms. Winhart asked the Mayor about getting the property where the dumpsters are located surveyed so that the Village could sell that property. The owner of 21 Canal Street West would like the dumpsters to be moved before their soft opening in the near future. It was noted that the Village has not received a notice from the state regarding their liquor license. A discussion ensued about moving the dumpsters to the Bethlehem Township Building.

Ms. Winkhart asked Mr. Wisselgren about getting additional swings for the Market Street Park. Mr. Wisselgren responded that a new bay is going in at the park to accommodate additional swings.

Ms. Winkhart suggested the Village offer self-guided tours similar to what Massillon is doing. She also stated we need to move forward on annexing the properties Mayor Benson discussed on Canal Street. Mayor Benson stated the Annexation Committee would be responsible for that.

Ms. Winkhart announced she will be leaving for Florida in November, where she plans to reside for four or five months, attending the Council Meetings via Zoom. Mayor Benson expressed concern about Ms. Winkhart not residing in the Village for months, but suggested this is an issue for Council to determine.

Mr. Cline reported the Blue Ladle Food Drive Competition is on for the Fairless vs. Tuslaw game. The food collected goes to the Fairless Food Cupboard.

Mr. Netzly advised a letter needs to be sent to the property owner of 26 Basin Street.

Mr. Smith reminded there will be Town Hall Meetings tomorrow at Village Hall regarding the income tax rate increase that is on the ballot for November. He said the meetings will be held from 10:00-11:00 am and 6:30-7:30 pm.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $47,082.02. Mr. Smith seconded. Winkhart yes, Kammer yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Smith moved to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Kammer seconded. Winkhart yes, Kammer yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned.

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Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Robert L. Benson, Mayor

October 28..….…………..…………………..…………..Trick-or-Treat 6:00-7:00 pm
November 1………………………….…………Finance Committee Meeting 6:00 pm
November 1………………………….……………………...Council Meeting 7:00 pm