Session 5, March 1, 2021
Mayor Robert Benson called the 5th Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, March 1, 2021. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. This public meeting is being recorded. Members answering roll call were Pat Winkhart, Liz Urbach, Justin Cline via Zoom, Daniel Rouse, Joshua Smith and Derek Netzly. Also attending the meeting were Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren via Zoom, Police Chief Dennis Albaugh, Captain Chad Shetler, Detective Matt Amendola, Detective Dan Kirby and wife Suzanne Kirby, Patrolman Tia Cruise, Patrolman Alex Hall and family and Gabby and Matt Crum.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 4th Regular Session of Council held on February 15, 2021. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Winkhart yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Urbach abstained. Five yes votes. Minutes approved.

Police Chief Dennis Albaugh distributed a copy of the resignation letter of Sergeant Bertman. Ms. Winkhart motioned and Mr. Netzly seconded to accept the resignation. Winkhart yes, Urbach yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried. Police Chief Dennis Albaugh requested the appointment of Patrolman Alec Hall to full-time Officer and requested Council’s consent. Winkhart yes, Urbach yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Mayor Benson administered the Oath of Office.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson gave council a copy of today’s check register, the bills and claims, and the February financial statements.

Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger reported that John Walsh is preparing a bid packet for the Sterilite Street Extension Project that the Village will advertise.

Ordinance 3-2021, an ordinance of Permanent Appropriations was given a third and final reading. Mr. Smith offered, Ms. Winkhart seconded Ordinance 3-2021 be placed in final passage. Winkhart yes, Urbach yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Ordinance 3-2021 declared duly adopted.

Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren reported the asphalt plant opened on Friday and that some pot holes in the Village were filled. He said more will be done this week. He said the he and Don Dummermuth are reviewing storm water retention for the Tractor Supply site.
He stated the Waste Water Treatment Plant has been upgrading the outside lights to LED lights. He said the Village is working on the catch basin issue behind the Ohio Street properties. Ms. Winkhart inquired about upgrading the sewer plant. Zachary Wisselgren explained they need to work with the County on upgrades and advised Don Dummermuth is working on plans.

Mayor Robert Benson reported the Red Center is not using the tower anymore but said they have someone who wants to sublease it.

Mayor Robert Benson read the following 2021 State of the Village:

With this, my 26th State of the Village, I realize that what we have been planning for the last 30 years is now coming to fruition.

We have always looked to the development of the previous County Farm as a way to insure a positive economic future for our Village of Navarre. Navarre has worked tirelessly to ensure that this area would be in our Village Corporation, thus assuring a good future for the Village.

The public-private partnership of the Stark Board of Trade, LLC, is a nonprofit created by Stark Community Foundation, Hoover Foundtion, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Massillon Development Foundation, DeHoff Family Foundation and Gessner Family Foundation.

Thanks to the Stark Board of Trade, the owners of the property, along with our Stark Development Board and others, the property is being marketed and sold.

Buyers of properties in the Prospect Industrial Park have stated that they appreciate working with Navarre Village Council because the efficiency issues can be addressed and handled, even during the purchasing processes.

Buyers, Stark Board of Trade along with Navarre officials and all involved with the development and sale of properties in the Industrial Park praise and greatly appreciate the time, hard work and professionalism of Navarre Solicitor, Terry Seeberger. The development of this area is directed and accomplished professionally and legally because of Terrys’ oversight.

Navarre now has two Companies locating in our Navarre Prospect Park Industrial Zone. Hendrickson USA is constructed and operating and Tractor Supply Distribution will soon begin construction.
Hendrickson USA is a global company that focuses manufacturing of suspension systems and components for tractor-trailers and related components.

The Hendrickson 50-million-dollar Facility built in Navarre is expected to create from 100 to 300 full time jobs over the first 10 years.

Tractor Supply Company will soon begin construction of a distribution facility in the southeast portion of Navarre Prospect Park. Initially during this year there will be about 12 Managers and Leaders on site but in 2022 the employees’ on site will be over three hundred. It is expected by the year 2023, there will be approximately 375 employees.
We are looking forward to other companies in the near future choosing Navarre as a location for their new or expanded growth.

This past year, because the COVID Pandemic, has been challenging for everyone. Navarre has been unable to utilize our Civic Center and Park facilities. Our public meetings are being conducted via Zoom, in whole, or in part.

COVID funds have been used by the village and Navarre has distributed money to local businesses.

All of the village departments have had to change normal operating procedures, but the operation of the village is being conducted efficiently and in accordance of State and Federal guidelines.

I give my appreciation to all staff and employees of Navarre for their going above and beyond, in their jobs and how they’ve had to adapt, because of the COVID situation.

The Clerk-Treasurers Office, the Street Department, the Water and Sewer Departments along with our Police Department have all come together to get through this, with the least amount of disruption, to conducting business for Navarre residences and businesses.

During this time of pandemic, all appreciate the dedication and service provided to us from the Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Department.

Last year the Navarre-Bethlehem Joint Fire Districts’ Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Department was awarded Ohio Fire Department of the Year Award by the Ohio Hall of Fame Fire Service. This award is for exemplary service to the community by the Department.

Under the leadership of Chief Rick Annen and the commitment of the members of the Erie Valley Fire Department our Village along with Bethlehem Township, enjoy the security and confidence of their service.

In closing, I state the village is good. 1st because the law requires us to be so, but more importantly because I believe our village is headed in a more secure place financially because of the increasing growth in Navarre Prospect Industrial Park.
This year has been difficult for us because of the COVID. Our hope is that 2021 will be better.

Our sympathies go out to anyone who suffered from this virus and our deepest condolences for anyone who lost a loved one or family member.
We pray that the Good Lord continues to Bless our Village of Navarre.

Mayor Bob Benson

Ms. Winkhart suggested we express our sympathy to the family whose son died in a fire in Bethlehem Township. She also said the Bank of Magnolia is accepting donations for the family. She reported the Fish Fries are starting this week at St. Clements Church.

Ms. Urbach asked how the residents will be informed of the tax issue on the ballot for May 4, 2021. After a discussion, it was decided to have a Council of the Whole Meeting at 6:30, prior to the Council Meeting to discuss.

Mr. Smith shared upcoming Sunshine Law Training opportunities.

Mr. Netzly asked if the Village has developed an equipment replacement and rotation list.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $160,032.46. Ms. Urbach seconded. Winkhart yes, Urbach yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Netzly moved to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Urbach seconded. Winkhart yes, Urbach yes, Cline yes, Rouse yes, Smith yes, Netzly yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned.

_____________________________ ____________________________
Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Robert L. Benson, Mayor

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