Session 22, November 19, 2018
Mayor Robert Benson called the 22nd Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, November 19, 2018. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members answering roll call were Derek Netzly, Daniel Rouse, Robin Keith, Randy Hattery, Don Berkey and Pat Winkhart. Also attending the meeting were Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Navarre Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren, Navarre Police Chief Dennis Albaugh, Zoning Inspector Jim Neely, Independent Reporter Arezov Vakili and resident Sabrina Hattery.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 21st Regular Session of Council held on November 5, 2018. Ms. Keith seconded. Netzly yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Mr. Rouse abstained. Five yes votes. Minutes approved.

The Erie Valley Fire and Rescue monthly report was distributed to council.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson gave council a copy of today’s check register and the bills and claims.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson reviewed a health insurance proposal with council. She explained the plan was Waypoint funded. Mr. Netzly motioned to approve the Waypoint plan for a period of one year. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried.

Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger discussed an income tax increase ordinance and bonds. He explained the tax situation regarding Sterilite and that they would not be included. A new section of the tax code will exclude anything in the JEDD that is outside of the Village.

Attorney Terry Seeberger reported that AT&T wants to go to arbitration and has agreed to pay the arbitration fee.

Attorney Terry Seeberger discussed at length Ordinance 10-2018, an ordinance regarding outside vendors. The Mayor did not intend for the ordinance to be a money-maker for the Village and he felt the intent was to protect the businesses. Attorney Terry Seeberger agreed with the Mayor that a committee should review the ordinance.
Mr. Hattery expressed that he does not feel that it is fair that “Christmas in the Village”
can pick and choose vendors that are permitted to come into the Village when the ordinance prohibits it unless a permit is obtained. Attorney Terry Seeberger noted that we have to enforce the ordinance as it is written and that council can repeal or modify the ordinance. Attorney Terry Seeberger suggested input from businesses would help. Ms. Winkhart stated she feels a background check should be completed on any vendor coming into the Village.

Ordinance 21-2018, an ordinance permitting Navarre-Bethlehem Community Park Board to appoint two members to the board, as opposed to the appointment of one member. Mr. Hattery moved to take no action. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. No action taken. A current board member is taking the position of Secretary, keeping the board at five members.

Ordinance 22-2018, an ordinance permitting a .25% income tax increase, dedicated to street and alley maintenance and improvements within the Village corporation limits, to be placed on ballot. Ms. Winkhart motioned to accept Ordinance 22-2018. Mr. Netzly seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Motion Carried. The first reading was given.

Mayor Robert Benson requested the Business and Zoning Committee meet with the local businesses VoNBA, churches, YMCA and community groups to reevaluate the purpose and/or intent of Ordinance 10-2018. He requested council evaluate the purpose/effect of the ordinance after reviewing the feedback with the ad hock committee organized and led by the Navarre Business and Zoning Committee comprised as Randy Hattery as Chairman, with Daniel Rouse and Pat Winkhart as members.

The yard waste pit at the Waste Water Treatment Plant is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 3pm, weekends and holidays from 8:30 am to 11am.

The Street Department is continuously picking up leaves (weather permitting). The last day is November 30th. After November 30th, leaves need to be bagged and put on the curb. Residents should call Village Hall to advise they have leaves out. Leaves can also be taken to the yard waste pit at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

So far this season 57.5 loads of leaves have been collected in the Village.

Decorations are being readied for hanging. The Street Department plans to hang the decorations the week of December 3.

Most of the gas lines at the Waste Water Treatment Plant ended up being replaced.

Painting is finished at the Water Plant. Bogner Construction has a final clean up to do.

Water meters were read last week.

Moyers planted five Autumn Gold Ginkgoes last Friday.

Trees need to be planted, especially on Main Street.

Tree City application is due on December 7th.

Mayor Benson received a letter today from Stanwood Community Church requesting to repair homes in the area through mission work.

Mr. Rouse reported he will be working afternoon shift for the next four months.

Ms. Keith stated trucks have damaged the sidewalk at 55 Ohio Street and that residents at 42 Ohio Street have junk in their yard.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $38,276.68. Ms. Keith seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Berkey moved. Mr. Netzly seconded to adjourn the meeting. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned.
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Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Robert L. Benson, Mayor

December 3…..............………………………..Council of the Whole Meeting 6:00 pm

December 3.............…………………………………………..Council Meeting 7:00 pm

December 14.........………………………………………….….Holiday Dinner 6:00 pm