Session 4, February 20, 2018

Mayor Robert Benson called the 4th Regular Session of Council to order on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  The regular meeting scheduled for Monday, February 19, 2018 was changed due to the holiday.  Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members answering roll call were Derek Netzly, Daniel Rouse, Robin Keith, Randy Hattery, Don Berkey and Pat Winkhart.  Also attending the meeting were Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Village Administrator Zach Wisselgren, Navarre Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Sabrina Hattery, Jamie Klusty, Mike Lemke, Hunter Rouse, Ed Simon and Daniel Skirtich.  Ms. Winkhart moved to approve the minutes of the 3rd Regular Session of Council held on February 5, 2018.  Mr. Berkey seconded.  Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Netzly abstained.  Five yes votes.  Minutes approved.


Copies of the Erie Valley Fire and Rescue monthly report were distributed to council.


Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger prepared a draft ordinance of water rates for council to review.


Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson distributed a copy of today’s check register.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson advised that Bob Gessner of MCTV made an annual donation of $2500.00 to the village to fund various civic activities.


Resolution 2018-2, a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign an Annexation Petition for Navarre Bethlehem Community Park on behalf of the Village of Navarre.  Mr. Netzly moved to accept Resolution 2018-2.  Mr. Hattery seconded.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Six yes votes.  Resolution 2018-2 accepted.

Ordinance 2-2018, an ordinance of permanent appropriations, second read by title only.

Ordinance 3-2018, an ordinance stating services to be provided to Navarre-Bethlehem Community Park after annexation, to be passed as an emergency.  Mr. Netzly offered and moved to accept Ordinance 3-2018 and declared same to be an emergency.  Ms. Keith seconded.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Six yes votes.  Ordinance accepted.

Ordinance 3-2018, Mr. Berkey moved, Ms. Winkhart seconded rules requiring three separate readings of Ordinance 3-2018 be suspended.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Six yes votes.  Rules requiring three separate readings suspended.  

Ordinance 3-2018, Mr. Rouse moved, Mr. Netzly seconded Ordinance 3-2018 be placed in final passage.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Six yes votes.  Motion carried.  Ordinance 3-2018 duly adopted.


Mayor Robert Benson advised that Bethlehem Township will name a citizen representative to the Navarre-Bethlehem Park Board and schedule a Park Board organizational meeting.  Councilman Daniel Rouse is Council Representative and Gary Wilson is Navarre’s Resident Representative on this board.

Mayor Robert Benson read the following 2018 State of the Village:

“As in all the State of the Village reports, I report that Navarre is financially sound because the law requires it to be so. This year I add that Navarre’s future is bright.

I want to present this report in three parts: Past, Present and Future.

The past: the three Hamlets of,

Bethlehem    was founded in 1806

Rochester      was founded in 1833

Navarre         was founded in 1834

Ohio Erie Canal was started in the summer of 1825 and completed in 1833. The Canal was very prosperous through the Civil War, but was in decline due to the Railroads and the 1913 flood ended it for good.

The Hamlets were incorporated into Navarre by vote in 1871, and the first election was held in 1872.

The Union School was built at the same time 1871-1872, which brought the 10 one room schools children into Navarre.

July 2, 1882 first Rail ways 

Connotton Valley RR (Cleveland to Coshocton built through Navarre on 2nd St.

The same day, Wheeling & Lake Erie laid track on the southern edge of town

In 1889 Wheeling and Lake Erie bought out Connotton RR.

Prior to 1874 our population was German, French, Irish, Scotch and English.

As the coal mines developed, Italians arrived plus Welsh after 1874.

There was an electric RR from 1901 to 1929 from Massillon to New Philadelphia and Uhrichsville.

In 1903 Navarre got Electric lights

1911 and 1912 Navarre got Village Water

1936 Navarre installed sewer

This history is interesting, but the history I want to mention is history I was a part of and remember, which is also to me, still my present.

In the last 25 years, after annexations, Navarre has grown from less than one square mile to about 2.25 square miles. The 1990 population of 1,541 grew to 1,957 in 2010.

I am most proud of the North Navarre Annexation.  This annexation was 120 acres that encompassed the north end of the village. The annexation contained 343 Property Owners of which 217 signed the annexation petition.  Most impressive to me and the County Commissioners was, at the Annexation Hearing only one person was on record for speaking out against the annexation. This annexation was, I believe, if not the biggest, one of the biggest populated and most parcels involved in a community driven annexation.

In 1996 Perry Township and Navarre formed an alliance and enacted one of Ohio’s first Joint Economic Development Districts, the Perry Navarre Joint Economic Development District (JEDD).  The JEDD agreement is that, in this district, any industry or development will share tax revenue. Navarre receives income tax and Perry Township receives the Property Tax.

I have to mention that Navarre’s Solicitor, Terry Seeberger was a part of the process and achievement of the JEDD, as a Special Council to Navarre and Perry, not knowing then that today we would have the privilege of having him as our Navarre Solicitor/Legal Counsel.

The Northeast area of the previous County Farm was annexed into Navarre through an expedited annexation, agreed on by Village Council and Perry Township Trustees, with the prior JEDD agreement in place because this area had been a part of the Perry Navarre JEDD.

All former County Farm land is now in Navarre.

Perry Township has been a positive partner with Navarre.

Now the earlier County Farm area is able to be developed into a thriving industrial park. This is because a road and bridge were built through grant money obtained by the JEDD, which extended the Sterilite Street from Navarre Road into this area.”

“There are people like past JEDD Board member Mr. Thomas J. Hearn, who the JEDD Board Trustee’s honored when we named the new bridge the “Thomas J. Hearn Memorial Bridge” after Tom for his dedication and hard work as a Community minded and tenacious JEDD board member.

The three people most credited for the acquiring of Grant money, which gave us the means for the County Farm area to be developed are, Past Perry Township Trustee Anna Capaldi, Barbara Hammontree Bennett and our own previous Village Administrator Jeff Seward.

Anna Capaldi learned of, and pursued the Ohio Job Ready Site Grant. She brought in Ms. Barbara Bennett who prepared the Grant application. In the words of the executives responsible of administering the Grants, said it was the most impressive and professional application presented. Working with Anna and Barbara was Jeff Seward who tirelessly provided all the numbers and facts needed in that application.

Currently, this road and bridge opens into the Prospect Industrial Park which is owned by the Stark Board of Trade. This Board is funded by six different Foundations with the sole purpose of economic growth and providing jobs for our County and the northeast part of Ohio.  The Stark Board of Trade is currently marketing this area for Industrial development.

Navarre’s long awaited water system renovation and expansion project is now underway and expected to go on line this spring. Not only will we expand our water resource to a larger area, we have the ability to have increased water pressure in the system.

Our Navarre Bethlehem Joint Fire District, known as the Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Department, was a prayer answered and is living up to and exceeding all expectation. Erie Valley Fire Department has recently expanded the On Station Medical Staff from 12 hours a day 5 days a week to 16 hours a day 7 days a week.  The department has routinely been able to assist many surrounding Fire Departments.

What has made Navarre in the past, currently and will in the future are the Village Employees. Being a part of a Village like Navarre, is taking advantage of the services offered. The people who actually work providing these services are the employees.  Navarre is blessed to have employees that are dedicated and conscientious.  Village employees make Navarre what it is, “The Friendly Home Town at the Bend of the River”.  Most residents, along with me, appreciate all that they do for the village.”

The development of the County Farm area is Navarre’s future. We are very fortunate to have the development of this area as a resource for the required revenue to maintain and grow our village. 

Now MY vision of future happenings and my wish list!

First: The Village Hall building must be added on to in order to enlarge and modernize the Navarre Police Department.  Furthermore, in the future the Navarre Police should, and I hope will, provide Police protection to Bethlehem Township.

Second, The Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Department will vacate their area at the Canal Street Station, which provides space for the Medical staff, and move into a new building adjacent to the current Ohio Street Fire Station.

Finally, once the Fire Department no longer operates out of our Civic Center Building, the building can be redesigned to have a larger room added, enabling residents to rent either a large or a smaller room.  The new design will add a new kitchen and restrooms.

These projects are not on paper or in the budget; my goal is to get them there which can be realized as the Prospect Industrial Park is developed.

The development of Prospect Industrial Park, in the northeast corner of the village will insure future prosperity for Navarre, but in doing so, by its location, Navarre will never have to lose the charm and characteristic of our hometown feel that we all cherish.

I love Navarre; I am honored to be the Mayor of Navarre. I believe it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I feel that God has and continues to Bless Navarre and my prayer is a prayer of thanks and also for His continued Blessings.

God Bless Navarre and Navarre’s Residents and Businesses!

Thank You”

The Mayor finished reading the State of the Village 2018 at this time.


Quotes for the new channel grinder and the parts to repair the final tanks at the Waste Water Treatment Plant were received.

Repairs were made to the sewer jetter at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Two heaters in the press room at the Waste Water Treatment Plant were repaired.

The new blower for the Imhoff/digester tanks will be in this weekend and will be installed at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Alarm systems at both the Water and Waste Water Plants are being upgraded.

Water Plant Expansion Project:  Contractor drilled through a conduit that controlled the automation of the plant.  This caused the AutoCon to short out.  Filter #1 is still out of service.  We are waiting on piping.


Ms. Keith reported that the flag above the garage needs unstuck.  When the river is up it can cause water in the basements for residents on Ohio Street.

Several representatives from council attended the Stark Community Foundation Event this morning.

The Utility Committee will meet with the new administrator prior to the next council meeting on March 5, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Ms. Winkhart will attend the Stark County Board of Health meeting on behalf of the village.


Mr. Netzly moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $52,714.36.  Ms. Keith seconded.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Six yes votes.  Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Berkey moved.  Mr. Netzly seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes.  Six yes votes.  Meeting adjourned.

____________________________                            ____________________________

Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer                              Robert L. Benson, Mayor


March 5  …….…...…………………………….....................Council Meeting at 7:00 pm

March 14…………Annual Dinner Meeting Stark County Regional Planning at 6:00 pm