Session 19, October 1, 2018

Mayor Robert Benson called the 19th Regular Session of Council to order on Monday, October 1, 2018. Mayor Benson began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members answering roll call were Derek Netzly, Robin Keith, Randy Hattery, Don Berkey and Pat Winkhart. Also attending the meeting were Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren, Navarre Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Navarre Police Chief Dennis Albaugh, Erie Valley Fire Marshal Ryan Shanower, Independent Reporter Arezov Vakili and Hunter Rouse.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 18th Regular Session of Council held on September 17, 2018. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Netzly yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Ms. Keith abstained. Four yes votes. Minutes approved.

Council member Daniel Rouse arrived to the meeting at 7:05 pm.

Police Chief Dennis Albaugh distributed the monthly police report.

Police Chief Dennis Albaugh advised Officer Amendola will be holding Coffee with Matt tomorrow at Andersons at 6:00pm.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson gave council a copy of today’s check register, the bills and claims and the September financial statements.

Mayor Benson read the Fire Prevention Week Proclamation and presented it to Erie Valley Fire Inspector Ryan Shanower.

“WHEREAS It is among the responsibilities and privileges of the Mayor of the Village of Navarre to recognize occasions of outstanding significance, and;

WHEREAS, the village of Navarre, Ohio is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all those living in and visiting Navarre, Ohio; and

WHEREAS, fire is a serious public safety concern both locally and nationally, and homes are the locations where people are at greatest risk from fire; and

WHEREAS, home fires killed 2,735 people in the United States in 2016, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and fire departments in the United States responded to 352,000 home fires; and

WHEREAS, the majority of U.S. fire deaths (4 out of 5) occur at home each year; and

WHEREAS, the fire death rate per 1000 home fires reported to U.S. fire departments was 10 percent higher in 2016 than in 1980; and

WHEREAS, Navarre, Ohio residents should identify places in their home where fires can start and eliminate those hazards; and

WHEREAS, working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half; and .

WHEREAS, Navarre, Ohio residents should install smoke alarms in every sleeping room, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of the home; and

WHEREAS, Navarre, Ohio residents should listen for the sound of the smoke alarm and when it sounds respond by going outside immediately to the designated meeting place; and

WHEREAS, Navarre, Ohio residents who have planned and practiced a home fire escape plan are more prepared and will therefore be more likely to survive a fire; and

WHEREAS, Navarre, Ohio first responders are dedicated to reducing the occurrence of home fires and home fire injuries through prevention and protection education; and

WHEREAS, Navarre, Ohio residents are responsive to public education measures and are able to take action to increase their safety from fire, especially in their homes; and

WHEREAS, the 2018 Fire Prevention Week theme, "Look, Listen, Learn, be aware fire can happen anywhere” effectively serves to remind us that we need to take personal steps to increase our safety from fire.

THEREFORE, I Robert Benson Mayor of Navarre, Ohio do hereby proclaim

October 7-13, 2018, as Fire Prevention Week

throughout this village and I urge all the people of Navarre, Ohio to be aware of their surroundings, look for available ways out in the event of a fire or other emergency, respond when the smoke alarm sounds by exiting the building immediately, and to support the many public safety activities and efforts of Navarre, Ohio fire and emergency services during Fire Prevention Week 2018.


Mayor Benson reported that Massillon Public Library in association with our local Askren Library will have the Bookmobile stationed at the Navarre Civic Center every other Thursday from 2:30-3:30 pm beginning October 4, 2018.

Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Marshal Ryan Shanower spoke to Council about fire prevention and being proactive. He spoke on “Look, Listen and Learn”.

Marshal Ryan Shanower reported the fire department has pumpkins for sale.

Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger with Police Chief Dennis Albaugh and Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren requested to enter into executive session to consider purchasing property. Mr. Netzly motioned to go into Executive Session to discuss the property purchase. Ms. Winkhart seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Executive Session in order at 7:22 pm.

Mr. Netzly motioned, Ms. Winkhart seconded to come out of Executive Session. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Executive Session out of order at 7:30 pm. No action taken.

Resolution 2018-12, a resolution authorizing the Mayor to grant permission for Skydiving Elves to land on a ballfield owned by the Village. Ms. Winkhart moved, Ms. Keith seconded to accept Resolution 2018-12. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Resolution 2018-12 accepted.

Various patching has been done in the village.

The new road maintenance agreement has been signed by the County.

Five trees have been ordered to replace trees that were cut down.

The Street Department has repaired storm tile on Main Street.

Leaf pick-up begins October 15th and will continue through November 30th. After November 30th leaves must be in a bag.

A service line was repaired for the flea market.

Good results were received regarding lead and copper samples.

Hydrants will be flushed this week.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant had an Environmental Protection Agency inspection.

Foundations have been poured.

Village Administrator Zachary Wisselgren will be meeting with Stark Soil and Water on Wednesday to work on a new Storm Water Plan.

Reliable Heating and Cooling thinks they have found the leak at the Civic Center.

A pre-lit Christmas tree will be put up at Rochester Square for Christmas in the Village.

Trick or Treat in the Village will be on October 31 from 6-7pm with a party following at the YMCA from 7-9pm.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $67,806.23. Ms. Keith seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Bills and claims approved.
Mr. Berkey moved. Mr. Netzly seconded to adjourn the meeting. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Hattery yes, Berkey yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned.

____________________________ ____________________________
Anne L. Johnson, Clerk-Treasurer Robert L. Benson, Mayor

October 15............………………………………Council Meeting of the Whole 6:30 pm
October 15............………………………………………......Council Meeting at 7:00 pm
November 9-10 ........…………………………..…......................Christmas in the Village
October 31............…………………………………………………Trick or Treat 6-7 pm