Session 12, June 20, 2016
In the excused absence of Mayor Robert Benson, President Pro Temp Pat Winkhart called the 12th Session of Council to order on Monday, June 20, 2016. President Pro Temp Pat Winkhart began the meeting with a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members answering roll call were Derek Netzly, Daniel Rouse, Robin Keith, Gary Wilson, Ray Gallaher and Pat Winkhart. Also attending the meeting were Erie Valley Fire Chief Rick Annen, Assistant Fire Chief Mike Cupples, Erie Valley Fire Volunteer Amy Cupples, Village Solicitor Attorney Terry Seeberger, Village Administrator Jeff Seward, who arrived a few minutes late because of his son’s baseball game, and Mayor Benson’s secretary Mary Garver-Mackey who was taking the minutes in place of the Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson, who had an excused absence.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve the minutes of the 11th Regular Session of Council held on June 6, 2016. Mr. Gallaher seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Gallaher yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Minutes approved.

Erie Valley Fire and Rescue Chief Rick Annen distributed and reviewed the monthly fire and rescue report to council. Chief Annen updated council on current activities of the Navarre Bethlehem Joint Fire District and reminded council that there will be a golf outing on August 28, 2016 and a chicken barbeque on October 8, 2016.

Mary Garver-Mackey gave council a copy today’s check register prepared by Clerk-Treasurer Anne Johnson.

Ordinance 5-2016, an ordinance that simply updates and clarifies R1 zoning language to reflect current law was given a second reading by title only.

Attorney Terry Seeberger informed council that the USDA is prepared to give the Village of Navarre an interest rate reduction, down to 2.25 % if the Village closes by September 30, 2016.

The yard waste pit at the Waste Water Treatment Plant is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. through 3:00 P.M. and on weekends and holidays from 8:30 A.M. until 11:00 A.M.

Streets will be swept on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Residents are asked to park off the streets the night before as sweeping will start early in the morning.

Brush pick up was June 20, 2016 and the storm sewer at the end of Basin Street was fixed.

Stump grindings were removed, tree lawns landscaped and the pin oak at Underwood Park was trimmed.

Asphalt patching was done, limestone was put in the driveway to the football field and eight signs were put up.

Park drainage work and a parking lot area are still on the to-do list before the Battle of the Bats.

Water meters were read since the last meeting.

A new Developer’s Agreement draft was received for the Village to review for Prospect Industrial Park.

A meeting at the USDA Massillon office was held on June 15, 2016 with the Administrator, Solicitor, Engineer and Water Treatment Plant Superintendent in attendance. A list of steps to be taken before the contracts for the project are awarded was handed out.

Repairs were made to the blower system in the Imhoff tank at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Wooster Street will be closed at the east side of town this week for repairs to the railroad track by the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad.

VONBA is planning on having two ornamental fences with signs installed at different locations to replace the two that were run over.

Mr. Netzly reported that two ordinances were reviewed in the council of the whole meeting preceding the regular council meeting. They will be revised for the next council meeting in July.

Ms. Keith wondered if the Village can supply a water trough for the Amish horses tied out in the parking lot.

Mr. Wilson was pleased to report that the old van parked in the yard at 47 Canal Street West was finally towed away after notification by Navarre’s Police Department.

Ms. Winkhart wondered about progress on Market Street. The engineer needs to prepare specifications for drains and curbs.

Council held a discussion on the July council meeting schedule. Mr. Wilson moved to cancel the meeting scheduled for July 4, 2016 and hold one meeting on July 18, 2016. Mr. Gallaher seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Gallaher yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried. One meeting in July will be held on July 18, 2016 and a special meeting will be called if needed.

Mr. Netzly moved to approve bills and claims in the amount of $87,431.54. Mr. Gallaher seconded. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Gallaher yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Motion carried. Bills and claims approved.

Mr. Netzly moved, Mr. Gallaher seconded to adjourn the meeting. Netzly yes, Rouse yes, Keith yes, Wilson yes, Gallaher yes, Winkhart yes. Six yes votes. Meeting adjourned.

___________________________                           ______________________________
    Mary Garver-Mackey, Secretary                                       Pat Winkhart, President Pro Temp